Create an account

This manual will show you how to create new iTemp account.

Open iTemp webpage Select language and click Register button.

Enter your e-mail address, choose a password and enter your name and surname. Please note that password has to be greater than 6 chars and has to contain letters, capitals, numbers and special characters. Then click Register.

Now the system sends you a confirmation code to the e-mail you provided in previous step. Please go to your e-mail box and copy the code to the Confirm code dialog box and press Confirm button.

If the code is correct the Confirm button takes you to Login screen. Enter your e-mail and password and click Login button.

When you has been successfully logged in, the system starts the preparing of your account. This is happening just once after registration.

Fully prepared system is announced with message. Click Continue button.

Now the system is ready and you can see welcome screen offering an adding of your set. Please follow instructions and then click Add Set.

Add your sensor set

Now you can enter a 16 digit serial number of your set, then press OK.

If your serial number is correct the system confirms a successful activation of the set. Click OK.

When you connect your set it can take up to 10minutes when the data and sensors are visible in web application. Following dialog is displayed.

After 1-10 minutes the dialog should disappear and now you see a list of sensors on your dashboard.

Now the system is fully working for you!