Add sensors to locations

Locations are places like floor, rooms, certain areas where you can assign your iTemp sensors to. Location can help you to organize your sensors.

In following steps we will show you how you can create location and assign sensors there.

to iTemp portal here.

If you didn’t define any location yet, your dashboard displays Add Location button. Press it.

This will open dialog where you can define Name of your location and a in-door or out-door type of location. Then click OK. The difference between in-door and out-door location is that the first one uses a floor plan uploadable as PNG or JPG file and the second one the map and GPS coordinates.

Once the location is created you can see it on dashboard.

Now simply select your sensors that you want to assign to location and click To location button.

After this the location selection is displayed, click OK.

Now you can see the min/max values from all sensor on the dashboard of the location. Sensors has been successfully assigned.

Upload location plan

Enter to location by Preview button at location item.

Select Floor plan, then click Select and browser your JPS or PNG plan on your computer. Then click Upload.

Note: If you chosen the out-door location as a typ then the floor plan upload is not available.

If the plan was successfully uploaded you can see it now in location dashboard.

Now go to each sensor in the list displayed on location dashboard.

Once you enter the sensor dashboard card you can see a map. Drag & drop purple symbol of sensor and place it to a proper position on the floor plan.

Once you do this step with each sensor you can see that map of floor plan at location dashboard displays all sensors in their positions. Move cursor over symbols and names of sensors are displayed.